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Quickie: Talking to… Crossing Arms

2013-03-30 10.39.04We took a trip to the city this week, and for some reason the boys were getting a kick out of pretending to be railroad crossing arms.  Every so often as we trekked around the city they’d stop turn around and with their arms out like a “T” they say “ding, ding, ding….” at the top of their lungs until they were ready to let us move on.

As if that part of the story wasn’t good enough…

We road the train back home. Then as we crossed the tracks my 8 yo turned to the crossing arm and:

8yo: Ding, ding, ding….

Me: What are you doing?

8yo: Ding, ding, ding….

Me: Are you trying to talk to the crossing arm?

8yo: Yes, but its not listening…

My Wife: Oh kinda like you…

8yo: Oooooh Mom!

Me: (laughing)


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