Quickie: Oh Nuts!

Our indoor soccer season just wrapped up and it has been fun to watch my little guys start to blossom into little soccer players.

Their last games were  at the same time so my wife and I had to split up,  I went with our 8yo and she went with our 7 yo.

My 8yo had a great game he wasn’t being scared of the ball and he was getting in the mix and using his body to keep the ball in play as well as defend.  There were a few times that he got in front of some very hard kicks.  After the game I wanted to let him know how impressed I was with his play:

Me: Hey buddy I was really impressed with how well you were playing today, you were attacking the ball you were using your body to block the ball and keep it in play.

8yo: yeah I tried to block the ball with my chest.  It kind of hurts but you have to do it.

Me: Well it looked like you were doing it right…

8yo: …but not all the time I blocked one with my belly and it made all the air go out of me.. and that was not fun.

Me: Well you did well recovering from that…

8yo: …that wasn’t the worst… I blocked one with my nuts… and I had to do it or I think they would have scored a goal… I wish I would have blocked it with my chest but I blocked it with my nuts and blocking with your nuts is basically the most painful way to block the ball.

Me: …


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