Quickie: RISK and Reward

My wife and kids have been out of town for about a week so, which means I have been fathering by phone…

Take for example this little exchange with my 8yo.  He had just finished talking to me about his desire to play the board game RISK with me.  In the process he quite clearly explained the strategy of taking Australia first (a key victory strategy in the game).

Me: Wow buddy, you have really figured out the strategy for that game…

8yo: Thanks Dad!

Me: You are one smart cookie…

8yo: I know.

Me: You also have a very healthy self-esteem…

8yo: Thanks Dad, I know.

me: …


One thought on “Quickie: RISK and Reward

  1. “Also, son, you got magic and you got poetry in your fingertips. You effortlessly and magically convert tin cans into pure gold!”
    “Thanks dad, I know.”
    “Just know when to stop, ’cause there’s only room for one Charlie Sheen in the world.”

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