Awesome Movie

Awesome Movie – Casino Royale (not the new one, and not the “Jimmy Bond” one…)

There were a lot of good candidates for this week’s movie…. and honestly I had a rough time choosing one.  Then I logged into Netflix… I decided to watch a James Bond documentary… I mean if your wife is out of town… why not right? That in my opinion is the best time for a James Bond documentary

During it they talked about how Ian Fleming came up with the characters and the books, Then How they became movies etc…  As they went on, they brought up that the actual first James Bond Film adaptation  was Casino Royale, an episode of Climax! on CBS… Back then CBS didn’t think a British James Bond would work so they made him American as Jimmy Bond… This is not that one…

This is also not the new one with Daniel Craig as good as that one  is It hardly qualifies as a “B” Movie…

Interestingly they did not mention this version of Casino Royale, or if they did they did it quickly and I missed it.  At any rate, this is the Casino Royale I am going to Share:

I actually did stumble across this another night about a year ago looking for something to watch on Netflix.  I made my wife watch it with me… I have since had to watch Pride and Prejudice  with her… turnabout is fair play and all…  This is a fun campy B-Film James Bond spoof.  They make fun of just about everything.  It has a really fun cast to boot, David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles, Joanna Pettet, and Woody Allen.  I honestly had a good time watching a group of fantastic actors have a  great time being silly in a movie.   Some of the humor might be a little inappropriate for younger kids so you probably want to preview it first to make sure you are OK with it, but it is worth two watches… at least.  I highly suggest you sit down with a bag of Microwaveable popcorn and knock this one out… tonight…

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