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Awesome Movie – Condorman

Yes this week we have Condorman – before Disney bought Marvel they had to make up their own Super Heroes and Condorman deserves to be way at the top of the list…

I-Man and Captain EO not withstanding…

The best way I can describe him is a cross between Batman (no superpowers) and The Greatest American Hero (Awkward – but well intentioned)

Here is a clip:

OK so that is a trailer remake… and the movie cannot be taken as seriously as the music suggests though I suppose you figured that out all ready.  The premise of the story is a comic book writer gets confused for a CIA Agent and accidentally becomes involved in a Russian Agent Defection.  Since the CIA wants his help they have to provide him his gear… designed from the comic book he writes…Condorman.  This is a great one for you to show younger kids especially to start the comicbook hero bug…  Not too suspenseful just fun and quirky for the most part.  I would say anyone 6 and older could enjoy this movie.  Plus it is fun to see Michael Crawford out of his element a little.  Other notable cast members are Barbara Carrera and Oliver Reed.

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