On a “W”rite of Passage

The time had come… my boys were long overdue for full indoctrination into the cult of the Cubs.  It was a rite of passage my grandfather took me on when I was about their age and it has molded me into the sports fan I am today.

Yes we are moving to Chicago (the west suburbs to be non specific).  For me this is bucket-list material, and something for another blog-post entirely.  Preparing for this move gave me the perfect opportunity to take my my family to Wrigley Field.  Since the move will take place during the first part of September I couldn’t afford to hope the Cubs would still be playing baseball… especially this year.  So while we were out looking at places to live we carved a  little time out for the Cubbies!

We had a fantastic experience from riding the “L” to the park, to singing “Go Cubs Go” as we marched out after they won the game.  As an added bonus Gary Sinise led the seventh inning stretch (still not the same as Harry Caray, but not a bad way to go for a first Wrigley experience).  My oldest was having a blast yelling “Let’s Go Cubbies” even in the lulls.  My youngest peppered me with questions about the field, the opposing team, and every other facet of the experience. My wife made sure we had plenty of pictures to document it, and I soaked it in sharing one of my favorites with my favorites.

It was a bittersweet moment for me though.  The first time I went there my grandfather took us, the last time I went there I took my grandfather.  This was the first time I had gone there without him and there was a part of me that missed him, but I’m sure he would have been proud to see my little family, especially those two little budding Cub fans cheering from the bleachers, eating their Cracker Jack, and building the memories they will share with their children and grandchildren.

Go Cubs Go!

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