On The Parent du Jour (I was July 24th’s “Dad a Day”)

Being a blogger means you have plenty of opportunity to toot your own horn… sometimes you get lucky and someone else toots it for you.  I’m not sure how I got on the radar of the people at The Parent du Jour but they sent me a questionnaire to fill out so that they could feature me as part of their project.

Eric Bennion Diary of a Dad

It was fun to do because for a a couple days I had the chance to reflect on what I have learned in these years that I have been a husband and father.  I have a lot of fun with my family.  We have great adventures.  We learn together, play together, and live a very full life together.  It has been a wonderfully challenging experience to create this family with my wife.  Some things seem to come so easy while others couldn’t be more difficult.  Everyday, however, I have a chance to learn from my failures and build on my successes, which has been a mantra I have learned to focus on especially in the tough times.  I am fortunate to have a spouse that shares my passion for a strong marriage and a positive environment for our children.  If I am a good dad and husband then I owe equal credit to my wife because in every way we walk this road together.

I am very excited that the team over at The Parent du Jour wanted to include me in their project.  I strongly believe that if you want to be good at something that you should surround yourself with others that are successful at it.  The people featured there are good parents, if you want good ideas for parenting take a look at them and see what you can take away from them.

Connect to The Parent du Jour:


Twitter: @TheParentDuJour


P.S. stay tuned I have some great Dadventures in the pipeline!


2 thoughts on “On The Parent du Jour (I was July 24th’s “Dad a Day”)

  1. I think it was a funny Tweet you wrote, and your coy avatar photo, that pulled us in. Then, we read a few of your posts & we were hooked. And your kind words for us, and elegant expression of appreciation for your wife – and your life – confirms our feeling. You are a great addition to a remarkable group of parents & we feel lucky to have you.

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