Quickie – From Ferns to Homo Erectus in 5 mins (or what my kids talk about in the back seat)

(This actually started as a conversation about the Colorado fire.  However by the time it got into the car we had moved from that to ferns:)

8 yo: How many ferns are there that I know about?

Me: I don’t know…

8 yo:  Just say two.

Me: OK two.

8 yo: No Dad, two types of ferns…

Me: I don’t think I even know two different types of fern…

8 yo: Fine… There are tree ferns and bush ferns… And ferns have totally been around since the dinosaurs… even before them… like maybe the Mesozoic Era… or at least since the plates shifted and there was Pangaea.

6 yo:  What do you mean.

8 yo: You know… when the Earth’s plates were moving and formed that on continent…Pangaea… before they separated and became our continents.

6 yo: Oh yeah, but then the dinosaurs became extinct…

8 yo: Yeah that was about the time that humans were being created…

Me: You mean when humans were evolving..?

8 yo: Yeah yeah that’s right dad! Like first there was the southern ape, then cavemen, then Homo Erectus.

6 yo: It is kinda gross that humans came from apes…

8 yo: yeah… way gross cause apes and caveman were so hairy… Homo Erectus was kinda hairy too but not so bad as cavemen.

6 yo: yeah well did you know how big the plate were on Megalodon… cause it had plates…?

Me: Hey you two get out of the car… were here… paleontology 101 will have to resume later!


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