On Potty Mouths and Play-by-Play from the Porcelain Throne

So earlier I logged onto Facebook to find this little note from my wife posted to my timeline:

Dear Eric, Your child is yelling to me from the toilet in the other room. A play-by-play of what is happening in the bathroom. Miss us? Love, Me.


I miss you…

The truth is I do miss my wife and kids here halfway across the country.  I even miss the potty time “play-by-play” and occasional postgame “show”.  Sometimes I am amazed at the amount of time my kids want to talk about the events of the bathroom.  We try to curb it mostly because we don’t want to be called into a conference at school about what our kids are saying or teaching other kids to say.  I know this is a possibility because my brothers and I provided my parents the same fear as we were growing up.  We are drawn to this potty humor like flies to… well you know what I mean…

I dig this humor too (I suspect so does my wife… though she may not admit it) The night before I left on this voyage across half the country we fired up our Netflix “Them Idiots” a comedy show featuring Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy.  We were rolling with laughter… (well I was  and so was my wife ’til she fell asleep).  There was at least 45-50% (not a scientific measurement) of the humor in that  movie that centered upon those men and their bowels.  So here is the question I must ask myself: “Am I OK with the hypocrisy of curbing my children’s engagement in potty talk?”

The answer obviously is yes, that sigh you just heard is my wife relieved to see I am not planning on drastically altering our parenting model.  There is a time and place for everything… If you can’t laugh at yourself and the weird things your body does then you need help.  You need to do it when it is appropriate, when the audience is right and you run the least chance of offending someone.  You need to laugh with people not at people.  You need to add to the experience at hand not detract.   These are things my 6 and 8 yo have not learned yet.  So as a good parent I cannot  unleash their potty mouths on society in general without causing them untoward consequences that can easily be avoided.  They will learn, as we all have, and when the time is right they will unleash their potty humor at a time when everyone will appreciate it…

and who knows they might even get paid for it…

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