On Homeruns and Playing the Field

I am a proud papa, and I love watching my boys succeed at any endeavor they attempt.  Right now we are winding down our little league baseball season and these boys are starting to hit their stride.  My oldest is really motivated by his coach and he is really reinforced by success. They are on a 7 game win streak and while he is not a big hitter… he is no longer afraid of the ball and is actually making plays.

My youngest is rocking his team.  He actually hit his first home run last weekend.  He has been hitting hard all season and on one of his games since he was batting last (in T-Ball you go through the batting order one time each inning) I told him he was the “clean-up” hitter since he had to bring all the runners home.  He told his coach that, and his coach started calling him “Sammy Sosa” and now when he is playing he won’t answer to his name… they have to call him Sammy Sosa…

My wife is getting a kick out of me as I watch the kids play (apparently I jump around a lot and become animated).  I get excited to watch them do well, to see them learning team work, and to see them have fun.  Whether it is my youngest’s serious game face, determined stance, and confident stride to the plate; or my oldest’s non-stop chatter from the out field (“hey batter! batter! batter!”), the at bat ritual he religiously performs, and the Thumbs Up he gives my wife and I every time he makes it home… I am loving baseball season with my boys!

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