On Our PCH Roadtrip 2012

This is really an introduction to our PCH adventure. Each day deserves its own entry, which I plan to provide (along with a photo gallery of that day’s events). For this introduction I thought I’d start off with a bang by sharing this video. After all I have taken a month to get around to posting anything about our trip.

Our trip was 8 days total and we travelled 1900+ miles!

Day 1: Home – Livermore
Day 2: Livermore – Crescent City
Day 3: Crescent City – Fort Bragg
Day 4: Fort Bragg – San Francisco
Day 5: San Francisco – Monterey
Day 6: Monterey – Monterey (yes you read that right)
Day 7: Monterey – Santa Barbara
Day 8: Santa Barbara – Home

Get ready friends I can’t wait to retake you on, for what for us was, an exhilarating adventure along CA 101 and PCH.


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