On the Science of Star Wars

One of my kids favorite place to visit is the Discover Science Center in the OC so much so that we are members, and I even follow them on twitter (@discoverycube if your interested).  Right now they have a Star Wars exhibit called “Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination”.  The boys and I went down and checked it out and we were totally engaged our inner geeks, which if I am really honest are less inner and fairly overt… just ask my wife.  It is fun to put science in this light where your imagination is already engaged where the impossible seems so much less so.  Where you can be amazed realizing what is possible now.  We made Lego sandspeeder hovercrafts that really worked and holographic 3D models of functioning moisture farms and space ports.  We drove a hovercraft. and saw all the costumes and ships from the movies, as you can see in the video above.

We had a ball outside of the exhibit we did some eco-friendly shopping and a recycling truck race challenge.  Enjoy the pictures below and next time you will have to come with us:

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