On Bunk Beds for Stuffed Animals

Every once in a while I think I have my kids all figured out… just about the time that I do that they find a way to surprise me.

I have been working with my kids on what it means to have a “clean” room.  We are just beginning to get into the make your bed stage.  They kinda got it when they had their little toddler Ikea beds… but in all honesty I sometimes struggle with making their “Big Boy” beds so I get their reluctance to jump on board with this.

…and while we are being brutally honest sometimes by the time we get around to cleaning their room and making their beds we are just a few short hours from when they will be going to bed anyway…

So the other day we were cleaning up around the house before bath time and I had given them instructions to clean their room “Daddy Clean” and off they went.  I knew they were going to do a good job because the humor was right that evening and they really wanted to help my wife and I.  Their task list was to clean their room, get in the shower, get out of the shower brush teeth and get into bed.  Which they did with relatively good speed for their age.

Once they were ready for bed the came and got my wife and I, told us to close our eyes, and come in their room… they had a surprise…

No only had they cleaned their room but they had turned their tables into bunk beds for their stuffed animals… I love these kids!

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