On Teaching My Kids How to Draw

As I grow older I find myself connecting with my grandfather in ways that I never really did growing up.  He was a fantastic artist.  I think he had done at least one pencil sketch portrait of his children, and grandchildren… and many of his great-grandchildren.  He was always in the middle of 3-4 paintings and often times you would come down into his studio to see him working on one of them with a VHS recording of Bob Ross playing in the background.  I miss the days of walking over to his house and finding him in his painter’s smock working on a project.

I started thinking about him this weekend because my kids asked me to have an art class with them.  They wanted me to teach them how to draw.  They got on this kick because last Friday at Disney’s California Adventure we went to the Animation Studio and learned to draw Oswald the Rabbit.  and My oldest was fascinated by the fact that (when following instructions) I could draw the character, and that I could help him.

So yesterday after breakfast we sat down at the table and I told them I would help them draw one character.  (hoping that I could find guides online for whatever they chose).

My oldest chose Mickey Mouse.

My youngest chose a Storm Trooper.

So without further ado I give you our creations (I have a feeling my Grandpa would be a little proud).

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6 thoughts on “On Teaching My Kids How to Draw

  1. Aww!! That’s so rad! It’s fun and sweet to sit down and teach the kids something, most of our education happens in the kitchen or the garage. I’m not sure I could draw a decent Storm Trooper even with a guide.

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