On Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane and Ending Up at Memory Grove

I had the unfortunate opportunity to go home last weekend for the funeral of a friend (I will sum that up in a post when I can better wrap my head around it).  Which meant that my kids got a 3 day (5 total) vacation from school to visit Grandma and Salt Lake City.  My kids, specifically my oldest has a strong attachment to that city… both have a strong attachment to Grandma!

The day after the funeral My wife and I took them on a trip down Memory lane.  We visited some of our favorite haunts.

The University of Utah where my wife went to school and where I worked for almost 10 years.

KCPW The Public Radio Station I worked for ( and truth be told really miss it)

The Salt Lake City Public Library, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.  Our kids could spend entire days there.

The Apple Store I helped open at the Gateway shopping Center.

The Discovery Gateway children’s Museum at the Gateway.

Finally our old apartment in “The Avenues” just down from Memory Grove in City Creek Canyon.

We loved our life in Salt lake City, and every time we go back I am nostalgic for that time… and yet as I have moved forward I look around and am happy with the place I find myself, the growth I have experienced , new friends, new experiences, and I know that one day I will look back and be nostalgic for this place and time for it’s own merits.

I love where I have been, I am happy where I am, and I look forward to adventures yet to come!

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3 thoughts on “On Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane and Ending Up at Memory Grove

  1. Eric, I love this entire post. I, too, walk down memory lane as I find myself in places that have memories associated with them — the Walmart aisle where we were with Will when we learned about Walker’s birth, 3rd Ave. and the many trips to and from, the pick up and drop off at Trolley’s corner and the zoo and many, many more. And, above all, my deep attachment to tow wonderful grandsons and of course their parents!

  2. I had no idea that you did this. Im so glad I found it. Thanks for the great memories, even though I still live in Salt Lake its nice to see it from someone elses eyes.

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