On Pint-Sized Paleontologists

So… My oldest is 7 going on 27… Or at least so the staff at the San Bernardino County Museum believe.

Both my kids love to read, and because my wife aggressively encourage it we have a very uncharacteristic 6/7yo library. The DK Eyewitness series of books are the backbone of this unique library.

My wife and I try to make sure that my kids get plenty of adventures. Last weekend we took them and their friends to the San Bernardino County Museum. We are members there so we get notified when new exhibits come through or when they are having a special event. Last weekend they were doing a “paint your own fossil” workshop. They were explaining what fossils are and then they let kids paint their own plaster replicas.

To start out the workshop the facilitator stood next to a big poster of dinosaurs and asked the group, “what is a fossil?”. My little 2nd grader could barely keep himself in his seat, because his had shot up so fast. Impressed by his enthusiasm the facilitator called on my son, expecting an answer along the lines of “really old bones”. Instead my son goes off on the process paleontologists go through to dig up and preserve the bones. The man’s jaw hit the ground at the word paleontologist coming out of a 7yo mouth (in the correct context). He asked my boy how old he was and he proudly stated “7 almost 8” the man asked him if he was sure cause it sounded like he might be going on 27…

The presentation goes on and the man holds up some different fossils. He holds the first one up and asks if anyone knew what it was… Again my 7yo shoots his hand up faster than lightning and I’m sure out of pure curiosity the man called on him again.  My boy proceeded to give a textbook answer describing a “trilobite”… before that I did not know what a trilobite was.  The guy looked at me for a second and said “seriously… are you guys from the Discovery Channel or something..?”

This has all taught me one thing I do not want to be anywhere near his first sex-education class…

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3 thoughts on “On Pint-Sized Paleontologists

  1. What GREAT parents you and Shell are!!!I love the insatiable appetite those boys have for learning and the need to soak in more. Great experience!

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