On Groundhogs & Expectations

Expectations… The management of them is a key component of my work and home life.

That is why I think Punxsutawney Phil is a punk-ass bitch…

Every year we look to him to give us a glimmer of hope for an early spring. This year we were delivered the sad news that we will be enjoying 6 more weeks of winter.

Now I realize that I live in California and that when we say winter the rest of you shake your heads… And as a non-CA native I do not fault you… I do however want spring!

Has Punxsutawney Phil mismanaged my expectations… I think so here are the facts he predicts early spring 15% of the time taking the safe 6 weeks of winter bet the other 85%. I say safe because none of us will bitch about an early spring when 6 weeks of winter are predicted. However he is only right 39% of the time… I guess that is on par with a meteorologist… But dammit Phil you are an entertainer… razzle dazzle us, take a risk, your average may go up… and if we whine you can point out how ludicrous it is that we are looking to a rodent for weather predictions… and setting our expectations by them.

I have been thinking about this idea of expectations since a recent trip do Disneyland with the family (yup we are season pass holders).  Going there as a parent you have to set aside your expectations for what an amusement park trip will be, because you are doing this for your kids.  So you tailor the trip to their expectations… and even then you struggle sometimes. My oldest and I could go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters until we puked but he is just slow to grow.  He really wants to ride a roller coaster that he is just not quite tall enough for so this last trip we told him to wear his shoes with the thickest soles so that he would measure up… and he just missed…I was off getting tickets to something else and when I saw his face I knew it was not this trip… Instead of asking him to tell me the bad news I asked him how close he was and he put his fingers together close together and said “this close…”  andI said we’ll get it next time…

Any ideas on how to make a 7yo grow “this much” by our next trip?  It seems I may have set a new expectation…


2 thoughts on “On Groundhogs & Expectations

  1. I too think these groundhogs are punk ass bitches. The Canadian groundhog they use didn’t see his shadow this year but the joke’s on us because this is fuckin Canada!

    I have super short and tiny kids, we are always on the hunt for thicker soles!

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