On Missing the Seattle Adventure…

The boys and my wife got back from a quick trip to Seattle this weekend.  It was the first time in a long while that they all left on an extended adventure without me.  Usually (because of my job) I am the one who is off on an adventure.  Earlier this year my kids went to my mom’s  while I went on a trip and my youngest had a real difficult time separating from his mom.   This time as we were gearing up for this trip he was getting really tender about his separation from me.  To help him feel better I tried to build the trip up for him talking about what he would get to do, and How exciting this adventure would be.  I told him that I had never been to Seattle and that he would be seeing new things that he could tell me all about when he got back.

We talked a lot about the  Space Needle and I asked him to make sure that he went to it so that he could tell me about it.  It turned into our default fall back point when he started getting nervous about the trip.  Apparently I got him fixated on it a little when he got there. When he got back he had not only seen it he drew me a picture of it and he had tried to get my wife to buy every incarnation of the tower he found in the gift shop.  He and his brother finally settled on a Space Needle Lego Set for my office… We built it together over the weekend… cause that is what we do.


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