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On $#@%ing – or why I won’t be getting Dad of the year award.

I won’t be getting Dad of the year award…

Let’s just get that out of the way right now…

I don’t think I am the worst dad by far, and let’s face it my kids votes don’t count because they are voting on a candidate pool of one.  Though if I am really fair… on any given day I may only get 50% of the under 10 vote at my house.  More on that later…

but let’s get back to the subject of $#@%ing.  Yesterday as I was herding my children into the car (to try and get them to school before the late bell rang) my oldest tells me, as we walked into the garage, that I had made a big mistake the night before.  I had not taken their soccerball out of my car, so they were unable to use it the night before.  He relates this concern to me and sums it up by saying “… we knew you had it and we were like dammit!”  I am a mature adult but hearing a good dammit out of a 7 yo mouth is more than my willpower can overcome… so no that I can no longer keep a straight face, I really can’t get mad at him for it 1. because I am laughing 2. because I know I am the one that has inadvertently taught him to swear.  So in all my fatherly wisdom I tell him that I know he has heard daddy say that, so I am not going to tell him he can’t.  I give him a set of rules he can say dammit around me as long as he doesn’t say it around his grandparents, at school, and yes I hedged my bet and told him not to say it around his mom (of course I related this whole story to her later).

But in my defense it does seem that a little swearing is infact good for you: Stub your toe? Say ‘Sh#!’ You’ll feel better


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