On Hades always getting the short end of the stick

Pluto – Hades Galleria e Museo Estense, Modena...

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 This weekend I took my kids to the Discovery Science Center in the OC (@discoverycube).  It was a spur of the moment adventure for me and the kids and we had a blast.  Great exhibits like Grossology, Tinkertoys, and the Science of Hockey.  Bank of America is sponsoring an exhibit called the Planetary Research Station, and as part of that they had a show called Travel Through the Solar System

Now before I go any further I know that this post is way late, like 4 years late.

But really, has anyone ever noticed that Hades (Pluto) routinely gets the short end of the stick…  For the record I am not a Hades super fan or anything, just a Mythology Enthusiast/Hobbyist Historian.  If we are fair in our depiction of him he was a fairly just god… he just seems to be a little unlucky… he was the firstborn son of Cronus only to be devoured by him.  Once he and his brothers and sisters are rescued by their youngest brother Zeus and overthrow the Titans he draws the short straw and gets to rule the underworld.   To get a Queen/Consort he has to use trickery… when it comes down to it he just seems to perpetually get up on the wrong side of the bed.

So as I am listening/watching this presentation on the solar system we get to the end and the presenter makes sure to point out that Pluto is not included because we no longer recognize it as a planet… so here we go again the celestial namesake we accorded to Hades is removed from presentations/maps etc… and devalued because the one we named after him doesn’t meet the criteria… sorry Hades, you drew the short straw once again…


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