On Tuck Energizing my Feng Shui

It has been a busy year so far for me, with no signs of letting up. I have things career wise moving in a positive direction. I am about to celebrate 10 years of marriage, and it appears that I have energized my feng shui. To be fair my wife and children have more to do with it than I.

The other day while driving home from dropping our oldest off to school my wife saw what she thought to be a rock in the road, that is until it stuck its head out. She stopped, and threw on the hazards and saved the little guy from the futile game of Frogger it was playing. As a result we now have an auspicious pet.

After a few variations the boys have agreed on the name Tuck for our new little friend. He is now living safely in a 20 gallon aquarium in our living room, and energizing our Feng Shui.


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