On My First race of the Year

Waiting for official times.

Originally uploaded by ericbennion

Well the holidays and my lack of self control/laziness have snuck up on me a little. I am actually up 5lbs from before the holidays. It is time to regroup, and i have a whole plan. 2 parts Yoga, 1 part monthly hikes, 3 parts regular running, and a dash of races. To that end here is a picture of me at the finish line of the Riverside Raincross 5K which is my first race of the year. I already have number 2 lined up and am looking at a couple more before the end of the year.

So the breakdown for this race is as follows. I plowed through it listening to the Podrunner Mix: Rain Gauge on my iPod, finished in 36 mins 01 sec, and finished 18/18 in my age bracket. I uploded it to my Nike+ and Dailymile accounts if you are following along there. I am not a competitive runner so the finishing spot and the time don’t matter to me though I would like to see the time improve as I improve my overall conditioning. I don’t mind if I come in last in every race I run.

My goal is to do at least 1 half- marathon this year, and possibly a marathon if I can ready myself for it. The future is bright and here’s to a new fit me this year.


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