On Legos’ Birthday

52 years ago today the multi-colored snap together bricks we know as Legos were patented and children’s minds have been inspired ever since (and some adults’/parents’ as well). In those 52 years there have been enough Legos made to give each person on the planet 62 Legos each.

I love Legos I played with them as a child, and I play with them with my children. I can almost always guarantee smiles on the faces of my children when I come home and tell them to get out the Legos… And we have built some fantastic things together. 5 years ago I was sitting in a hotel conference room with a group of other Apple Retail employees prepared to learn about our new roles as Mac Specialists. Strewn about the tables were Legos waiting for us to create with them. We were encouraged to let our minds wander as were taught and if inspiration hut to create. Apple + Legos….. that was a good 3 weeks.

A neat fact about Legos is that the ones that were made 52 years ago will still work with the ones being made today. In that aspect Legos are like stories since the ones we started telling thousands of years ago can fit nicely with the ones we tell today. Legos have always been the building blocks of stories for me I can think back to the many medieval/modern/space age adventures that I created in my basement as I assembled and reassembled those colored blocks in my basement. I look forward to the many more I will create with my children in the future.

This is not a long post, just a quick burst of inspiration that hit me today, in keeping with that here are some of my favorite online discoveries associated with my favorite building blocks:

The Brick Testament.com/ PG-13/R rated View at your own risk…

Lego Hoth Gallery


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