On Technology

I love technology. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a geek. I love the power of information at my fingertips. 10 years ago I got my first laptop with a dial up modem. I would patiently wait for two minutes listening to the modem squawk hoping to hear the words: “You’ve got mail!

Now I have the power of Wikipedia at my fingertips everywhere I go. I can download a map of my location instantly. I can even update my blog when I have time to(like right now), not just when I am in front of a computer.

Here is my recollection of some of my technology firsts:

-My first portable radio(it looked like an autobot symbol from the transformers) I would go to bed and listen to Dr Demento at night with it.

-My first walkman which got me through my first job as a grounds keeper as well as high school.

-My first CD, Billy Joel – Piano Man

– My first computer (not my family’s, but my own) the laptop that I described above.

-My first mobile phone was a motorola flip phone that reminded me of the communicator from the original Star Trek series.

-My first Mac was an iMac that opened the world of personal computing for me.

-My first iPod which I still use today.

-My first smart phone a Palm Treo which organized my life for me.

It has been said that outside of Warp speed space travel and teleportation we have developed all the technology from the original Star Trek series. If that is true it boggles my mind what the future has in store…


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