On Preparing for the Nike+ 2009 Human Race

This year I have decided to live a healthier lifestyle; physically mentally, and emotionally. To do this I have set goals for myself in different areas of my life. One of those areas is exercise. This year I have become a runner. I never thought I would use those words to describe myself, but sofar this year I have run 324 miles (206 of those I have run in the last 2 months). I’m training for the Nike+ Human Race this year. It will take place in 4 days. It is a fascinating concept for a race because it will be held all over the planet. Some time during the day you need to run a 10K and track it using your Nike+ Sensor and iPod. I did it last year in 1 hour and 42 minutes. I have been running all year, but seriously training since the beginning of August. My current fastest time on the 10K is 1 hour an 9 minutes. I want to try and set a new personal record on Saturday!

I’m developing a whole new me one goal at a time. If you want to follow my training or *gasp* join me I track my training at the following sites:

Running Training Log



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