On Easter Egg Hunts and the Best Way to Spend My Time

I love Easter, I love the rites of spring, the renewal of life, the warming of the weather. Here in sunny Southern California you might think that it is always summer here (I know because I did) but this week we took a big turn. It warmed up considerably and it really brings to mind the concept of renewal and rebirth. I found this weekend that I had more vim and vigor the various activities of the summer. We experienced one as we went to the beach for a barbecue this weekend. Our little family absolutely had a ball.

I am digressing though today we had all the various activities that one associates with Easter. The Easter Sunday Service, Easter Egg Hunts, Fancy Family Dinner, and even a little candy. The boys really got into the Easter egg hunts, and the Candy. After all is said and done it was a great way to end the week. I don’t have any new answers to the problems in my life because of this weekend, but I take away from this weekend a renewal of the spirit knowing that the answers are out there if I am willing to search and work for them… which I am. and whilst I am searching for those I know that I need to remember that I need to remain in every moment because they don’t come again. So tonight while talking at a party my kids came up to me and asked me if I would go out and swing in the hammock with them, and so I did because of all the things I could have done in that moment swinging in a hammock in someone else’s yard with my two boys looking at the stars was the best way to spend my time.


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