The Move

We have made it to California. Our new adventure has begun, so far so good. The boys are definitely having a little bit of difficulty in adjusting. When will gets frustrated or upset he tells us that he wants to go back to his home in Utah. A couple of time he has asked for us to go get his old car back. We traded in our Honda Element for a Mazda 5 a few months ago and he is still adjusting to that as well.

That being said the move has been good so far. After a month apart I have enjoyed having my family around me again. The boys and I have found a new park that we are enjoying on a regular basis as the following to videos will attest:

We are also getting the boys out walking more. Almost every day they go out on at least one walk. This is a video of William taking Walker and I for a walk:

I love being these two boys’ dad. I can’t get enough of them.


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