Sick Kids

Nothing is more frustrating then watching your kids suffer through a cold. They can’t sleep, but they are dog tired. They are hungry but their throats are sore. They want to stop coughing but can’t. They have a steady flow of snot and chapped noses so they don’t want to wipe it away.

Add to it the lack of sleep the parents are getting.

I love my wife and she is going the extra mile taking care of these boys… despite the fact that it looks like she might be catching their cold. I am lucky to have married a woman who is such a wonderful mother. I hope my kids will always know how wonderful their mother is.

My kids are troopers too. My oldest has tried so hard not to let the cold get him down. Thank goodness for the Hap Palmer movies we got from the library to distract him. My youngest is a funny cat. He is just trying so hard to pretend that he isn’t sick….

Here’s to that apple a day…..


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