Potty Time

The First Successful Potty Time

Well here it is one of the proudest moments in any parent’s life. The first time your child successfully uses the potty. Every time I have bathed Will or taken him in the shower with me I have set him on his potty seat to let him get used to it. Yesterday was the first time I did it that he didn’t cry over the experience. So of course I ran right out and got the camera, because every good parent needs to have a picture of their kid on the potty, and as you can see above I now possess one of Will. The neat thing, if you can call it that, is that as I was taking this picture he actually did his first pee pee on a potty so not only did I get the picture but I actually took a picture of him doing the pee pee. Of course you need me to tell you, because there is no way to tell that from the picture.

yay for daddyhood.


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