My Son’s first e-mail

My son sent his first e-mail to me today… No he’s not a super genius… despite what my wife and I say. Shell was sending me an e-mail while holding him, and he was so interested in the keyboard that he had to give it a try. So with no further ado my son’s first e-mail:

8?//k. cx,   mlllllllllfyybikuglfh mn m
jyfj                nmmm

I’m so proud. Apparently he really digs the space bar.


2 thoughts on “My Son’s first e-mail

  1. just the SARS.
    i have no children or pets. i am alergic. i think. but let cuteness roam from the toe tips and finger tips of your offspring. i actually landed over here to rant my community up.. come check it out :

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