Birthing Class

Ok so it has been a while. It is about time for an update. Tonight was our first birthing Class. We are doing the Bradley Method. If you don’t know what that is, it is a method that focuses on natural child birth. We are planning to have our baby in a hospital, in a birthing room. Shelly wants to try and do it naturally though. I think that is cool. I figure she is the one to go through most of it, so she can do it however she likes. So we will try for a natural birth, and if something goes wrong. we are right there at the hospital. It’s pretty exciting, and definately becoming more and more real. We will likely have the baby, before we finish the Bradley class. Which is OK because the last classes are about things we need to know after having the baby.


5 thoughts on “Birthing Class

    • Re: birthing room
      They are typical delivery rooms, we are planning to have a natural birth. So my wife will want to be able to get up and walk around if she likes. It’ll also have a bathtub for a warm bath, which has been dubbed nature’s epidural…

  1. Revamp.
    yep.. that layout sure is spiffy.
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