Median/Baby Furniture: Day 133 – 133 to go

Well the baby furniture has been purchased… We hit Ikea while in California for Thanksgiving. We are now home and the furniture is set up!

Also according to the little Baby Journal we bought, today is the median! We are halfway through the pregnancy! Yea I’m excited. Shell is showing a little more, and I try to talk to the baby every single day at least once.

The Word from the Womb:
Right now the baby looks like a miniature newborn. Its face looks peaceful with closed eyes, nostrils, and a nicely formed mouth. Every once in a while a thumb or finger will slip into the mouth, and the baby will practice sucking.

“To often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve”
-Roger Lewin-



One thought on “Median/Baby Furniture: Day 133 – 133 to go

  1. ref
    i put you as job reference as a web designer. if you don’t want me to do that in the future please inform me. just tell them that we started an amazing organization up together. try not to mention the name unless they ask. thanks. you live amazingly close to me.. probably go to the same ward even btw.. i go to the Ensign YSA ward. moving to a family ward soon tho! wooo!:) anyways have a good one.

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