The Move: Day 88 – 178 to go

Well the big move is for the most part finished. We have to empty out the little storage unit in the basement of the complex, move our bikes out, and get the vacuum cleaner that we left for the cleaning lady we paid to clean the old apartment.

Shell and her mother had a blast making baby plans together. It looks like Kaye (Shell’s Mom) well be visiting us once a month until the baby arrives. I think it will be great for Shell, and for our new apartment too. We owe the extrememly organized state of our apartment to Kaye. She is the organizational queen, and to be fair Shell is not one step behind her.

Shell’s parents brought up a cradle for us. It is the cradle that Shell and her siblings all used. I needto take some pictures of it and put them up here. I’ll have to do the same with the baby’s room when we finish organizing it.

The Word from the Womb:
By today the baby’s hair pattern hs been determined. Both our dads are bald..so if it is a boy yikes maybe we’ll supplement the babyfood with rogaine.


One thought on “The Move: Day 88 – 178 to go

  1. so…
    so do you still live by south temple? i am not asking for you to post your addy on here.. i just would like to know cause i think it would be cool for me and my girlfriend to come by sometime and chill out.. not that i am trying to invite myself over or anything.:) oh yeah.. was giving me crap about typos so i told her to bother you on them.. even though they are mostly all my typos. :-0 i hope you don’t mind. i just can’t edit the webpage myself.

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