Motherhood: Day 69 – 197 to go

So yesterday they Shell went up to the infusion Lab to get some fluid. She’s become almost fearless about needles now that she has had so many IV Treatments. yesterday they couldn’t find a vein (they poked her three times trying to) so finally they decided to insert some tubing into one of the deeper veins in her arm. The tubing will stay there until she doesn’t need IV treatments anymore. We hope that is in a few weeks. I just can’t believe how well she is holding up through all this. I mean she is great…and our kid is going to be so lucky to have such a great mother. You really have to give it to mothers, not to diminish the role of a father mind you ( Ithink fatherhood is a big deal), but what a mother endure’s to have a child…I don’t think there is anything more noble.

The Word from the Womb:

The baby will be able to start practicing moving food from one part of the intestinal tract to another in 2 days, when the muscles of the Abdominal Wall become functional…they start the process of becoming functional today.


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